About Us

Our Hong Kong chapter started in 2004, as the liasioning agents for the buyers in the rest of the world with the sellers in Mainland China. Dealing with the mainland China, the buyers had many hurdles to cross before the ordered material reached them. The adventure of this arduous journey started with locating the right supplier. It is very common in China to see many factories without english names, brochures, speakers, etc. As a result, the english speakers and interpreters would speak anything to extract money out of the buyers pocket like claiming to be the owner, creating non existing goodwill, misinterpreting the specifications, giving unimaginable delivery time frames and quality assurances, etc. Aim was to trap buyer for quick money. The funny part was and still is that the real boss would have no inkling about it. Seeing a foreigner “Wai Guo Ren” in his factory would be a news in the area for the road to riches.

After the factory had been sourced and if with good luck, the interpreter had rightly interpreted the requirement for making the right product, the new problem would arise “The factory didn’t have any export rights!” Good heavens! A separate trading company would be taking the initial deposit and balance, for the export. They are only concerned with the small fees they could make. In the event if something goes wrong like non delivery, wrong products, delayed shipment, etc, who would the buyer catch?

Analysing the dependencies of the buyers and to minimize the risk, we founded DMEPL Hong Kong. In the sweet journey and good learning experiences, we perfected each day for a better tomorrow till business became a cake walk. Reaching saturation of this business experience, we intensively started studying tobacco industry. Over a period of few years, we gained the intelligence how to turn cons to pros for the profits of our associates. Come on dear associates, let us begin our success journey!